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Malaysia's goal is to continue to move forward in strengthening the country in the International Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions or INTOSAI which has members from 193 countries around the world. Malaysia joined INTOSAI in 1977. In 2016 at the INCOSAI Conference in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, SAI Malaysia gained recognition by representing INTOSAIs for paper on auditing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Currently, SAI Malaysia has expanded its membership in INTOSAI with participation in 8 Working Groups under the Knowledge Sharing and Knowledge Services Committee and 2 Work Stream under the Capacity Building Committee. Malaysia is strongly committed to participate in various conferences and seminars within INTOSAI for the purpose of capacity development of auditors in the field of public sector auditing. Futher information can be accessed through the INTOSAI website at

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Country Papers Presentation
Kongres EUROSAI Kali Ke 10 di Istanbul, Turki pada 22-25 Mei 2017

Mesyuarat pertama Sub Group 2 INTOSAI Working Group On Fight Against Corruption And Money Laundering (WGFAMLC) pdf
Laporan Simposium Vienna pdf
Mesyuarat ke-21 Kumpulan Kerja Pengauditan IT INTOSAI pada 25-26 Januari di Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia pdf
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