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Country Papers

Tarikh Tajuk Tempat Lampiran
18-02-2016 "The Malaysian Integrity System" International Symposium on National Integrity - Chiang Mai, Thailand
22-02-2011 "Public Asset Management In Malaysia – An Audit Perspective" 1st World Congress and Exhibition Infrastructure Asset Management
-Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur
23-10-2009 The Role Of SAI Of Malaysia In Enhancing The Effectiveness 4th ASOSAI Symposium In Islamabad, Pakistan - 14 October 2009
01-10-2008 Economic Crime in Asia: A Global Perspective- Dealing With Public Sector Fraud: Enhancing Integrity And Transparency In Government Financial Management  
07-07-2008 Performance Management of The National Audit Department of Malaysia 20th Commonwealth Auditors General Conference di Hamilton, Bermuda
09-01-2007 Emerging Issues and Global Challenges in the Public Sector Audit in the 21st Century - Malaysian Perspective. Seminar on ' Public Sector Audit di Jakarta, Indonesia
13-09-2006 The Role of the National Audit Department of Malaysia in Promoting Government Accountability "3rd ASOSAI Symposium" di Shanghai, China

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